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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 13, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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things change as we get into your weekend. your full forecast coming up. although the bay bridge looks fine, getting there may be an issue. reports of a car fire, maybe actually multiple car fires through lafayette. we'll give you the latest coming up. a live look outside. that is the embarcadero there. you can see lights glistening on the water. it is thursday, june 13th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we start with breaking news in the south bay. that is where san jose police are investigating the city's 24th homicide. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live in east san jose where a man was stabbed to death early this morning. good morning. >> reporter: jon and laura, good morning. yes, this is san jose's 24th homicide of the year.
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still a very active scene on checkers drive. this is between alum rock and mckee road. let me step out of the way so you can see the san jose police have their crime scene unit on scene down the way. this entire block is completely blocked off to through traffic. we can tell you about the 911 call came in for a report of a stabbing about 12:37 this morning. san jose police arrived to find a man in his 40s suffering from multiple stab wounds. he was taken to regional medical center where he was pronounced dead at 1:30 this morning. all we can tell you is he's a man in his 40s. they're waiting to contact his next of kin. as for suspects, no suspects have been identified at this point either. san jose police, quite frankly, are not giving us much information. they're not saying if they think this is gang related. i wanted to introduce you to a neighbor who lives here on this block. he's trying to get home.
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christian sulante, what did police tell you. >> police told us there was a crime scene right now and i couldn't go home. >> reporter: is this very unusual i imagine for you. >> very unusual. never happened to me ever. >> reporter: you grew up here and lived here for 20 years. have you seen crime tick snup. >> i haven't seen any crime activity here. this is the first time it's been like this. >> reporter: you say you like to hang out at night, too. >> i'm usually out at night hanging out with friends and come home around this time. >> reporter: is that going to change your thinking now? >> a little bit. double-thinking it. not going out by myself. >> reporter: probably a good idea. christian, thanks so much. again, san jose police investigating their 24th homicide of the year, a deadly stabbing on checkers drive right off alum rock. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." we're also following breaking news in san francisco
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where two men were shot and killed overnight. this one happening in the city's dunn any dale neighborhood, not too far from the glen eagles international golf course. police say they responded to reports of shots fired before 1 qulok this morning. when they arrived they found two men with gunshot wounds, both pronounced dead at that scene. so far police have released very little suspect information, but we do know three men were seen taking off from that area driving a white truck. it is 5:03. construction workers will be back on the job at levi stadium, the first day back since a worker died at the site earlier this week. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live with how crews and officials are trying to move forward. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this will be the first day back and likely a difficult one for the more than 1,000 workers involved in the stadium project. a veteran mechanic with keck daeds of experience under his
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belt was killed by an elevator counterweight. he was standing at the bottom of the elevator shaft when he was struck and killed by that counterweight. it was the most serious accident at levi stadium since construction began last spring. several investigations are going on at the same time into what went wrong. white's sons have followed in his career footsteps and are familiar with the dangers involved. they say if it was a freak accident, they can accept that. they just want to know for sure. >> we're workers. he put his boots on and went to work. something happened. >> all accidents are caused by something. it's just trying to figure out how he's in position to be hit -- struck by the counterweight. >> obviously there was -- something happened. we still don't know. >> the general contractor for the new 49ers stadium is expected to make a statement
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regarding the death of white a little bit later this morning. reporting live in santa clara, christie smith, "today in the bay." a developing story to tell you about from san francisco where police are removing protesters from the hayes valley farm. you can see officers in riot gear standing there. the protesters claiming to be part of the occupy movement and they've been camped out there for more than a week there. police telling us they gave the group an eviction notice last friday. we also have new video from overnight showing police in riot gear surrounding that site. they brought in cherry pickers trying to get protesters out of the trees. they were camped up there. the land where the protesters are camping out, marked for construction for brand new apartment complex. at 5:05. palo alto police hoping surveillance photos will help them track down this armed masked man they say robbed a 7-eleven. it happened around midnight yesterday at the 7-eleven on
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colorado avenue in middlefield road. the man pulled out a gun, demanded cash and ran off. there were no customers in the store at the time. walnut creek police looking for this woman accused of robbing a taxi cab driver. police call her caitlin. these surveillance photos were taken at the 76 gas station about a week ago. investigators say she was dropped off there after she robbed the taxi cab. >> time is 5:06. we'll get you some water. >> i have coffee back there. i always have a lot of coffee. one thing i know about laura, she likes her coffee to taste like candy. 51 degrees. we or getting spoiled today across the bay area. lots of sunshine already. the sun is not even up just yet. 53 in san jose, 46 in gail roy. wanted to show you the bay bridge because it is just spectacular. as we head throughout the next couple hours, we're going to see
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these temperatures stay steady even with the clear sky overhead. this is what i'm talking about. look at this clear start at 5:06 this morning, beautiful start to the day. not a lot of low cloud cover. none of that june gloom today. temperatures will stay at average or a little below. winds will play a factor like they did yesterday. they won't be as strong. we're expecting 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts, but not as frequent. it's going to be blustery today around the bay, especially between the hours of about 2:00 and 6:00. "today in the bay," hour by hour, 77 degrees at noon inland, 82, perfection at 4:00 p.m. 77 bay side and at the coast 68 degrees. we do have high pollen levels, so that could be contributing to some of your allergies on the fritz. we'll talk about when that should improve and what's to come for the all important dads and grads. mike, you're going to get sick of me saying that.
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proud daddy. >> i'm a proud daddy. remind everybody, christina. that's got. the bay bridge, this is just find. a big problem if you're heading the the bridge through parts of your east bay. let's look at the maps and we'll show the smooth drive on the maze and the approach. highway 24 has a big problem that just developed. i told you we got early reports of a crash. it's not a crash. it's big rig hauling cars. a lot of the cars are fully engulfed in flames. we have all but one lane just closed westbound 24 as you're heading towards saint stevens drive. your commute direction. our chopper is heading out there. this is going to be a major problem if it's what the initial reports do say. that's pretty accurate from the detail coming in. walnut creek shows a nice drive right now, about 24 off 680 will be a big issue. we'll bring you live pictures. i'll move my cameras as well.
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meanwhile the south bay very calm by comparison. back to you. thank you very much. 5:08 right now. the man who stopped a naked man from attacking people at a san francisco b.a.r.t. station is being called a hero this morning. duane bullard of antioch is a b.a.r.t. system service worker. last month he confronted a naked man who pushed a woman to the floor at the 16th and mission station. cell phone video of that attack has since gone viral with more than 300,000 views. bullard called police then ran in to help. >> i'm thinking of my mom and my sister and my wife and any of the ladies in my church. it could have been anybody i know. i would want somebody to do the same for my family, so i just did what i should be doing, helping. >> he got rewarded for it at least, a little. b.a.r.t. officials took bullard out to dinner, gave him a day off with pay for krg the courage to step in. he said he wasn't looking for recognition, just doing what he
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thought ruz right. >> in the meantime the suspect is identified as 24-year-old. his friends says he's a dedicated acrobat and performer and it was out of character. >> that is a strange story. 5:10 right now. starting to become a trend. we'll tell you about the newest bay area city to say no thanks to a piece of technology aimed at catching people breaking the law. does it look like there's anything wrong with this piece of art? why someone wants it actually removed from the state capitol. new ways to text message outer space coming up in business and tech. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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pre facebook, my space was the place to be. now my space has launched a brand new come back and mobile app. doing a lot with music. the new aimed at helping musicians, writers and other artists connect with their followers. from my space to deep space, scott mcgrew says you'll soon be able to send messages to the stars. >> that's right. a couple years ago i told you about a space telescope in carmel. you could buy it and live there. someone did by the james berg earth station. to help pay the mortgage, they're going to start selling time on the big antenna. you can use your phone to connect and send a text message to a certain star system they pointed the dish at called glees 526. more information at this particular star system may or may not have life on it. eeth way it's going to take 17 years for the message to get
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there and if someone responds, 17 years for the message to come back. elon musk has called a press conference considering he invented the modern electric car, sent rockets to the international space station, he's always worth listening to, we'll keep you informed. meanwhile, that distant rumbling you hear is the sound of investors fleeing the markets. jackie deangelis is live at cnbc headquarters. >> good morning, scott. futures pointing to a lower open on wall street. the dow posting another triple digit loss, its first three-day losing streak of the year. the dow down 126 points to 14,995, significant because we're under 15,000 now and the nasdaq losing 36 points to close at 3,400 even. the fed ending stimulus programs and the big moves we saw in the
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japanese yen. the nikkei slipping more than 6% overnight. in the u.s. today we'll get data on unemployment, retail sales and business inventories. espn says it's going to shut down its 3d tv channel. it never really caught on. one of the most alarming metrics was that people who actually owned 3d tvs rarely bothered to watch anything in 3d. we said 3d tv was dead in the water the minute it came out, but not because of those bother some glasses. you can't have new technology as you well know if tv producers are not going to support it. i would say the lasame thing abt the latest flavor of high def. if the money is not there, nobody is going to broadcast in the new format. >> it's already so early, it's enough seeing us in high def. you don't need 3d, too.
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>> especially 4:30 in the morning. i'm going to hang out with my current tv until it comes out with smellevision. >> he's like a bouquet every morning. ever since we he switched from noir dakar. >> old spice. >> i love me some old spice. reminds me of my grandfather. now a live look at san jose. you want to apply a little extra deodorant today. it's going to be warm inland. 80s on the way. not too hot. if you play your cards right, you don't have to use your ac. here is the deal, close the shades in your house right now. as we head through about 12:00, it's going to start getting hot. we'll see a nice breeze at about 5:00 p.m. temperatures are only going to be in the upper 70s, low 80s. you can open up the windows and get that air moving around and that save money, that pg&e bill.
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keep it down. we have a gorgeous day shaping up. if you want to get outdoors today, spectacular conditions as high pressure stays in control of our weather pattern. it's not a really strong ridge of high pressure. our temperatures are not going to soar as a result. that's the good news. i think as we head through the end of next week getting into next weekend, that's when our next heat wave is shaping up. for us we hit the sweet stride and actually trending down in terms of your temperatures. starting on saturday, we're at 81. 79 on father's day. monday, tuesday, wednesday, look at this. temperatures only in the 70s. when we do start to climb by wednesday, we're still going to be below our seasonal averages. thursday and friday, everything i'm looking at shows me it's going to get hot around here for next weekend. better beach weather next weekend. overall it's all about the dads. mike, of course, scott and jon, we love our dads around here. >> good morning.
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i'm this dad is going to come asking about winds in the area as well. overnight there were gusty conditions. that is an issue over these hills through lafayette. the update here, we originally reported saint stevens drive is the location for westbound 24 to have closures and the truck fire. that is not the case. eastbound does show a little slowing, the updated location is much farther east, off the walnut creek interchange where it was looking clear just a couple minutes ago. look at the slowing off 680 westbound where the big rig truck hauling cars on the back of it is on fire. we have reports that there's a grass fire on the hill above as well. we'll bring you pictures as soon as we can. undoubtedly a big slowdown off walnut creek. this is as folks are coming off highway 4 over antioch, off the benicia bridge and toward walnut creek and westbound 24. meanwhile the build has started. spids coming down in the 20s. the bay bridge is still moving
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smoothly. that's a nice drive down the eastshore freeway. farther south, the san mateo bridge very clear as well. we'll take a quick look at that -- if not we'll skip to the maps. there we go. we'll end with this shot on the san mateo bridge, flashing lights just showing up. back to you as we track that signal. 5:19 right now. belmont joining the growing list of bay area cities dumping the red light cameras. the city planning to turn off the cameras at the end of the month. zip city leaders say a number of accidents in those intersections are remained the same. hayward and redwood city also decided to do away with their red light cameras. menlo park, millbrae and oakland evaluating their programs. a laptop computer that may have contained medical information missing from lucille packard children's hospital this morning. palo alto online reports an employee noticed the laptop was
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gone from a secured area of the hospital back on may 8. hospital officials say the computer may have contained patient's medical and personal information. nearly 13,000 patients are being notified by mail. but officials say there's no evidence any information has been accessed. washington hospital in fremont teaching up with utsf to expand services to patients and medical students. the strategic relationship was unanimously approved by the hospital's board of directors just last night. the board says the move creates a regional health care network that enhances specialty services like mental health and pediatric care as well as end-of-life services. clinical training will be added at washington hospital for medical students as part of the deal. something is missing from a popular bar in san francisco's mission district. a woman of fex natalie known the tamale ladies.
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the health department says she's not a licensed vendor. she sold her tamales to bar patrons for years. >> i've been going there over 15 years. so it's where i met all my -- all those young kids. it's part of my family. >> ramos traditionally visits multiple bars at night selling her tamales. there's even an app called where's the tamale lady? >> there's always a rush for hot food after people leave bars. once a mortuary, now a place for family fun. we'll tell you about the plans to turn one san francisco building into a mini golf course coming up next.
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it's 5:23 right now.
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an art collection near the state capitol building was pulled after someone claimed it was too politically risque. the group of 12 paintings depicts wives, lovers and muses for california governors. a woman threatened to start a boycott and get female lobbyists involved. the artist said, hey, she never thought the work would be so controversial. >> my goal in creating this body of work was to start a conversation about who these women are and to show a common strength of showing one's fem anymority and vulnerability even in the face of polt ticks. >> a vanguard spokesperson saying the lounge was disappointed by the reaction but stands by its business decision. you see it happening all the time all over the streets of new york. now city wants to take a different approach trying to shut down the sale of those counterfeit goods. instead of just going after the seller, the city council wants to punish the buyers as well.
5:25 am
under a brand new proposal, those caught buying black market items could be slapped with a $1,000 fine or even some prison time. the city holding a public hearing this week and a vote. >> you mean that's not a real louis vuitton? >> for 25 bucks, no. mortuary and mini golf, two words you don't usually hear together. the mortuary closed back in the '90s. the mini golf course called urban putt would feature san francisco landmarks for holes and bring about 55 jobs to the city. if approved, the new course could be opened by the end of the year. it's been closed for some time. there's a long list of punch lines tied into that.
5:26 am
i'll leave it alone. >> we save those for the commercial break. exactly. 5:25, let's check in with christina loren. lots of good things to talk about. >> i'd like the take on dorf. it's going to be a beautiful day if you did want to hit the links. i can tell you it's not that gusty right now. we will see the winds pick up as we head throughout the day today. hopefully you are a straight shooter. "today in the bay" works like this, 77 degrees at noon inland, up to 82 degrees in the heat of the day, not too hot. 77 at the coast and 68. how are we looking this morning with the drive, mike? >> overall traffic is very light. this big issue affecting highway 24. you see the maze and the approach is not the problem. highway 24 through orinda, you're just fine. the sig alert for highway 24 westbound, your commute direction affecting both directions. there's a big rig truck hauler, and it sounds like six of the
5:27 am
nine cars on the trailer were on fire. just four remain. there's also fire breaking out on the hillside. it's over on the shoulder. they have four lanes of those five lanes blocked in the westbound commute direction. a quick look at the san mateo bridge shows you those flashing lights over on the right-hand shoulder are still there. you see that on the flat section with no lanes blocked. >> we're also following breaking news in san jose. marla tellez at the scene of the city's 24th homicide of the year. wheel have a look at what police are telling her right now coming up. police in san francisco are now trying to get protesters out of some trees. we'll tell you about the fight that's been going on for nearly a week now.
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a deadly stabbing in east
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san jose. we'll hear from a neighbor coming up. the first day back on the job since a worker was killed on the job at the san francisco 49ers stadium. this people just in. people yanked out of the trees minutes ago as police clear people out of a san francisco farm. we'll have details next. it's a cool start to the day. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. we have very little low cloud cover. as a result no flight delays for those of you heading out of town for father's day weekend. if you're sticking around, we'll tell you what you can expect in the weather department. >> tracking the flashing lights here as you're crossing the bay and tracking six car fires all on highway 24. that's a problem heading out of walnut creek. >> rough day out on the roads, mike. this is anything but rough. very serene, a gorgeous look over san francisco. if you look really close, you can see friday out there. it's right there in our reach. it is thursday, june 13th. this is "today in the bay."
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5:31 right now. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we're following breaking news in the south bay where a manhunt is under way right now for whoever stabbed a man to death in east san jose. it's the city's 24th homicide of the year just happening after 12:30 this morning on checkers drive. that is where "today in the bay's" marla tellez joins us live this morning. she has the very latest. marla? >> reporter: good morning. san jose police crime scene investigators are here doing what they seem to be doing quite a bit these days. that is investigating yet another homicide. this one on checkers drive. as you mentioned, you can see the crime scene unit itself right here on checkers drive. investigators taking photos of the area where a man was found stabbed right in the street multiple times. the call came in just after 12:30 this morning.
5:32 am
the man was take tone the hospital where he passed away not too long after he was pronounced dead at 1:30. who did this to him is still a mystery. no suspects are in custody. we spoke to two young men who live right here on checkers drive. one of them cannot get home because of the crime scene tape, officers won't let him through. both men tell me they thought this was a safe neighborhood right off alum rock avenue. now they're not so sure. >> does that surprise you? >> yeah. that's kind of scary out here, can't even go out at night anymore, just double-thinking it. i used to go bike riding at night. >> i haven't seen any gangs around here. >> i heard it was a stabbing, a 40-year-old person. not sure who it is. >> police are not releasing the man's identity yet. they're waiting contact his next of kin. police say it's a man in his 40s
5:33 am
pronounced dead at 1:30 at a local hospital as far as if this is gang related, police aren't giving us that information at this time. i've reached out to get more information. i'm waiting to hear back. >> the man who can't get to his home, said police told him it would be another four to five hours before they wrap up the investigation. dozens of suspects indicted this week in the south bay's largest gang bust ever. now expected to be in court this afternoon, 34 members, a total of 34 alleged members of the nuestra familia gang facing robbery and drug sales charges. the santa clara dikt attorney indicting 48 people with that gang, nine of them still on the run. five others are being held outside the county. on the peninsula, the driver accused in a crash that killed three people on memorial day expected to enter his plea
5:34 am
today. paul diaz charged with three counts of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run for the crash. police say diaz ran away from the scene of the crash but ended up turning himself in to police a few hours later. the man accused of sunnyvale's first homicide in more than a year could be in court as early as this morning. stephen bowie now behind bars for killing a bouncer outside the peacock lounge on sunday morning. the bouncer, david lucero was working security during a hip-hop concert when shots were fired. they used video to identify bowie as the suspect. one other person was shot. that person is expected to survive. now to a developing story in san francisco this morning where police are removing protesters from the hayes valley farm. we have a live look at the scene where protesters are claiming to be part of the occupy movement. they've apparently been camped
5:35 am
out at the site for more than a week. police tell us they gave the group an eviction notice last friday. new video shows police using cherry pickers to pull those protesters out of trees. it's unclear how many people have been taken to -- into custody. the land where the protesters are camping out is marked for construction of a new apartment complex. speaking of construction, it starts back up at levi stadium in santa clara. this will be the first time crews will return to that stadium since a worker was struck and killed by counterweights in an elevator shaft. today in the bay's christie smith is live outside the stadium. a tough scene out there, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. we are starting the see workers slowly stream in to work this morning wearing their safety vests and their hard hats. more than 1,000 workers were sent home tuesday and given another day off to grieve. this will likely be a difficult first day back to the 49ers stadium project, the first day
5:36 am
since veteran mechanic don white was killed here. according to a preliminary cal osha report, the 63-year-old was standing on a ladder at the bottom of an elevator shaft when he was struck by a counterweight. construction on levi stadium began last spring. this is the most serious accident to date. the 49ers issued a statement of condolences and similar think. don white's sons actually followed in his career footsteps and are very familiar with the dangers on a work site. they want to know exactly what happened. but family members are also remembering how he lived. >> he was a great father. he was a great friend. wherever he went, you knew he was there because he was just that guy. >> everywhere donny would go, he'd have to meet somebody. he had to be friends with everybody. he has a lot of friends. >> reporter: several different agencies are investigating exactly what went wrong here. cal osha has six months to
5:37 am
complete its direction, a project co-directors just reviewed their safety procedures as a matter of routine and will do that again today as work gets started. reporting live in santa clara, christie smith, "today in the bay." it is 5:37. this morning top law enforcement officials from here in the bay area and new york are teaming up with the country's largest smart phone makers to help fight the rise in cell phone thefts. san francisco d.a. george gascon and new york attorney generic snyderman are meeting with representatives from apple, google, samsung and microsoft in new york city for the smart phone summit. they'll also announce the formation of a nationwide initiative to stop the surge in smart phone thefts. apple certainly jumping ahead of the game. just three days ago the tech giant announced a kill switch technology called activation lock. the new feature will be available this fall. it will virtually lock out anyone who doesn't have your apple i.d. and password making the phone inoperable and tough
5:38 am
to resell. i'll tell you what's not tough to sell, all this nice weather. >> it's lovely. >> christina loren, nothing but good vibrations. >> we're calling it a pre summer stunner across the bay area. summer officially arrives on the 21st. starting out so clear in san francisco, all along the coastline. getting into l.a. we have no delays. however, there's a potent weather system headed towards the east coast. we have delays already out of new york city. thunderstorms expected in new york city. we'll continue to update you on that stus status as a lot of people will be traveling for the big father's day. 52 in sunnyvale. 52 in san jose. i want to get over to mike inouye because he has a traffic alert to see before heading out. for today at noon, temperatures in the 70s. today's highs are going to be comfortable. weaver talking about the 80s this afternoon. let's send it over to mike. >> we had our chopper focusing
5:39 am
on the fire. i'll show you the backup. this is west 24, all of these headlines backed up approaching, just one lane available for your commute direction coming off that walnut creek interchange. this is the truck, the foam and the fire retardant there. that was the hillside that was at one point reported on fire. nine cars on the back of this trailer. six were on fire. four remained. you see the fire crews making that perimeter, guarding the folks from the fire, shielding them from the heat as well as from the visibility as well. no ru poerts of any injuries, we do have that hauler causing a big problem. when they do get this fire completely out, hopefully they'll reopen another lane or two after they get the heat and danger away from the folks, they'll have the cones. right now this is the big backup. we'll show you on the maps as welcoming off the walnut creek interchange. eastbound the slowing has cleared. westbound we still have the big back u. if you want to completely avoid
5:40 am
that, take 680 north towards the eastshore freeway. a quick check of the south bay looks great. >> wow that, is some fire there on 24. >> great update, mike. thank you very much. 5:40 right now. the man who says he blew the whistle on the nsa surveillance program now talking about new instance ps of government spying. we'll let you know what he's now accusing the federal government of. plus mission accomplished, new video of a bay area woman who flew to oklahoma to try to bite en the lives of victims of the devastating tornadoes.
5:41 am
5:42 am
a quick programming note. right now, there will be no. 11:00 a.m. newscast today or troy. instead nbc will be running "days of our lives" from 11:00 a.m. to noon, followed by the first two rounds of the u.s.
5:43 am
open golf tournament. that also includes the fact the 11:00 a.m. newscast are marla and i will be back on monday. today the director of the nsa briefing members of the senate and house intelligence committees on the government's once secret phone and surveillance programs. the man who blew the whistle remains in hiding likely in hong kong. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live on capitol hill with more details on this on going and very strange investigation. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, jon, good morning. the fbi still thinks he's in hong kong because he's talking to reporters in hong kong. in a newspaper there he says he has no intentions of coming back home, that he will likely fight any attempt at expedition, and he talks about the u.s. snooping on the chinese, via hacking their computers. in terms of some of the allegations he's made, the head of the nsa testified here that some of the things he said, like being able to wear tap people directly from his desk, they
5:44 am
have no idea how he would be able to do that, but they are reviewing his access. tlas groundswell of support for edward snowden in hong kong at the u.s. consulate there. we've seen demonstrations of people supporting him. he said he went there because he thought it would be a safe haven. he didn't want to be anywhere in or near the u.s. where he might get arrested. >> tracie potts, we appreciate the update, thank you very much. 5:44. in a matter of an hour we could find out the u.s. supreme's court decision on prop 8. the supreme court issuing new rulings today, among those rulings could be a decision on the proposition 8 case which is, of course, california's ban on same-sex marriage. the court has until the end of the month to rule on this case. and if that does happen today, we will break in with a special report if and when a ruling comes down. we will also have team coverage during all of our newscasts and on our website, the white house is set to
5:45 am
welcome members of the lgbt community this morning in honor of pride month. president obama will be there to meet the guests. this is video from last year's event when the president stressed the importance of repealing the don't ask don't tell policy. you may remember raiders punter chris kluwe was invited to that event because of his support for same-sex marriage and equal rights. kluwe respectfully declined, said he had to be at a mandatory raiders mini camp. 5:45 right now. cloetsing in on 6:00. christina loren is here to tell us about more good vibrationtion. >> good vibrations. they keep on coming. we usually talk about what we call june gloom, overcast skies. you sometimes don't even get out of the gray in san francisco all day long in the month of june. that is not going to be the case. look at this live picture at 5:45. sunrise officially in three minutes from now. as we head throughout the next couple days, temperatures are going to stay steady. we've got a gorgeous forecast. the reason why is because we're still seeing that onshore flow.
5:46 am
we've had enough wind shaking up the atmosphere enough so that dense fog is not able to settle right to the surface. we really have very little fog at the surface. between about 500 to 1,000 feet we are picking up fog in our san bruno cam this morning. travel cautiously through the local hills. area of low pressure starts to move to the east as we head throughout tonight. high pressure stays in control. this will bring our temperatures up for tomorrow by about five or eight degrees. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. we'll drop you right back off as we get into your father's day weekend. 70s on the east shore, 77 in fremont and 78 degrees in san jose. meanwhile 83 degrees in gilroy. your seven-day outlook works like this. temperatures will creep up tomorrow and we'll drop you right back off to the low 80s getting into father's day weekend. i want to get right over to mike inouye with a traffic alert. >> our chopper has the pictures over the scene. here is the progress that's been
5:47 am
made. that big rig hauler werks have all the flames out at least. looks likehey're going into maintenance mode now. as the camera widens out from the chopper, they're zooming in right now showing all the activity going on. you see it's on the shoulder, one, two -- we had three lanes blocked. they do have two of them that i saw open. that's a little improvement. floex are using the second lane to get by. there's the chopper -- there's two lanes now, a little better traffic flow coming out. they're showing you all the backup. let me show you the maps to get you oriented. concord and walnut creek are okay. there's the gem towards that truck fire and then you're clear heading over toward orinda f. you want to get around this, you want to head north on 680 to highway 4 which will take you to interstate 80, the eastshore freeway which is actually looking nice. very little backup at the toll
5:48 am
plaza. this area is very clear. we'll check the south bay as well. a light volume of traffic overall. it only has this slowing from northbound 101 north of the 680 interchange. by the time you get to alum rock, things are smoother towards the airport. jammed west 24 through lafayette. we're following the fire. thank you very much. crews called off the search for a man who disappeared after finishing the beta breakers race. his clothes, cell phone and credit cards were found on the beach. but rasmussen has yet to turn up. a memorial service will be held june 29th in portland where rasmussen's stepmother lives. crews will finish digging up the remains of a forgotten same tear in san jose. the cemetery was discovered beneath a parking lot last year
5:49 am
at valley medical center, believed to have been used from the 1870s to the 1930s and then somehow disappeared from county records. experts say the cemetery was used to bury people who died at the county hospital who couldn't afford a funeral service. to date crews removed a total of 631 coffins from that site. but so far they have found no identifying information on those remains. the danville woman known to many of our viewers as the bay area's caped crusader is changing the lives of children nearly 2,000 miles away. barbara casados is now in moore, oklahoma. her goal is to help give the kids who survived last month's devastating tornado at plaza towers and brier wood elementary school superhero strength. she and several volunteers made 250 superhero capes, handing them out to the kids of moore. >> so awesome. >> no kidding. she hopes those capes make those
5:50 am
kids feel invincible. >> one house i went to, there was little kid toys and there was a little stuffed animal. to me i have three boys, and to see the pain that that child must have been feeling or what they were going through at that moment, just envisioning my kids and not knowing if the child is okay, it was overwhelming. the points of having a superhero cape is let them go into an imagination land, get them away from reality. >> cloaking them with a lot of road. she's the founder of the kiss the toad creations whose main goal is to put smiles on the faces of children. that's exactly what she's doing, especially kids battling life-threatening illnesses. she started sewing the superhero capes for her autistic son. this is cool, too. she was honored for her work with the san francisco giants. >> she's got a good arm. >> no kidding. it's the cape! she got to throw out the
5:51 am
ceremony first pitch against the rockies. she seems to have a really good spirit about it. >> what a great story. barbara casados, we salute you. >> that's without a cape on. >> i got my superman shirt somewhere under here. a team effort coming up. how a boy was able to throw out the very first pitch at last night's a's game from more than 1800 miles away. new technology that allows doctors to talk to just about anybody. ♪ ♪ i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn.
5:52 am
what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can.
5:53 am
a pretty amazing deal at an a's game. 13-year-old nicola grande, a big-time a's fan. he has a life-threatening blood disorder that he was diagnosed with last year. last night he had the changes to throw the first pitch from 1800 miles away. the magic of the digital world there. so cool for him.
5:54 am
last night the a's and google using a robotic arm that connected with la grande in kansas city allowed him to throw out that first pitch very long distance. it looked like a strike to me. the a's won the game 5-2. very, very cool. doctors right now using remote technology to communicate with parents as well. scott mcgrew using their ipads to make sure messages take two pills and call me in the morning that actually gets through. >> that's right. parents, kids, anyone who speaks any language really, spanish, can't knees, swa hilly. the lack of face to face communication means certain subtleties will be missed. you can't do sign language at all. a company out of monterey showing off cool new technology which will allow doctors anywhere to call up a translator on an iphone or an ipad, pretty much any language as its inventure points out. you can use the technology you probably already own.
5:55 am
>> today, especially with doctors, many of them are carrying an ipad mini in their pocket all the time. >> the japanese word for sell is uru. that's what they were saying overnight on the japanese stock markets. the nikkei plunged down into bear territory as concern grows the american fed is ready to end easy money. we expect at least a hundred points to come off the dow in early trading this morning. wednesday the dow fell 126 points. shares in gigamon did fine jumping just 50%. you know the day i was telling you about was coming? >> you think this is it? >> i think this is it. maybe. i'll give you a solid maybe. >> i like that confidence. >> 5:55 right now.
5:56 am
>> we're going to get paid in sunshine today. tomorrow is gadget friday. hopefully scott mcgrew will have something for the bad out there. it will be nice out there. look at this, your temperatures just dropped off to the coolest levels we'll see all day, just after sunrise. if you want to get out there, do so now while we're still in the 50s n. the 70s by lunchtime and we'll round out the day at 4:00 to 5:00. 77 degrees in fremont, 78 in san jose and 68 in san francisco. mike has been a busy man. let's find out if there's been any improvement on the traffic alert. >> you can see how there's been improvement, two lanes instead of just one open. this is the big rig hauler with all the cars in the back, six of the nine were on fire. we see smoldering and smoke and cleanup that has to happen and two lanes in the shoulder or three lanes blocked right now. now to the maps we'll go to the area. you notice westbound 24 only from 680 up to the scene. that's a problem if you're
5:57 am
heading toward the st. mary's area. the problem is alleviated because there's deer hill road to the north and mount diablo to the south. if you can get through the area, that's where you need to head. the south bay shows slowing, an earlier crash caused this backup, guys. back to you. it is 5:57. we continue following breaking news this morning. a deadly night in the bay area. detectives on the hunt for gunman after two men were shot and killed in san francisco. officers on the scene of a deadly stabbing in san jose. marla tellez is there. what she learned from police next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
police searching for a killer in san jose, details in a deadly overnight staping ahead in a live report. protesters picked right out of trees overnight. we'll tell you why police went
6:00 am
in to clear out this encampment. back on the job after a death at the 49ers new santa clara stadium. we're live with a look at how construction crews are coping. a truck fire turned multiple car fire turned multiple lanes blocked for a major commute. we'll show you how things are shaping up on highway 24. the coast is clear to start the day. temperatures are down right comfortable. we've got another beautiful day shaping up. then we've got some changes to tell you about as we get into your father's day weekend. your full forecast in moments. >> looking good for the weather. a live shot from the south bay, that is over san jose with the sun starting to creep in to your eyesight here on this thursday, june 13. this is "today in the bay." it is 6:00 on&d7ñ


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